Activists around the world came to Oslo

Young activists from five continents came to Oslo, Norway, where they are cooperating to elaborate human rights education (HRE) resources to fight against torture around the world. From Australia, Nepal and Pakistan to Mexico, Zimbabwe, Denmark and more, they are sharing ideas and skills in a multicultural environment.

From the morning, the first day was dedicated to the process of getting to know each other, team working for the resources planning and  better understanding of the project, in a session that included non-formal methods. Debates aimed to provide solutions were based on theatre forum, as an example.

The youth multipliers continued their actions with a session about the following global campaign and their role. Questions and answers found their solutions during this step. At the end of the day, the participants highlighted the necessary chapters of the HRE guide on fighting against torture, based on their experiences as activists.

We have asked three of the participants coming here what is their impression related to this workshop after the first day. Here are the answers:

It was a very inspiring and it was great to be able to work with people who have the same interests and different approaches towards the work they do. In other words, it is  great multicultural experience. – Nancy (Norway)

We are making the world a smaller place and it Is great because I connect with the differences more easily and, although disagree on ideas, we agree that torture takes away the soul of humanity. We are all humans. – Swechhya (Nepal)

The biggest results of the work from yesterday were, firstly, the  group building and its homogeneity. Secondly, through our interactive work, we succeeded to create the first base of the guide, based on common ideas about structure and content, which will be finalised in the next day. – Abdellah (Morocco)


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