Short summary of the activities from Saturday and Sunday

After a challenging and fruitful first day, the youth multipliers continued their work with the aim of realising a very useful guide for human rights education that can be applicable for communities across the globe.

Considering the proposed objectives for these days, as a participant, I consider that the team was motivated to reach them and so it was. On Saturday, the final structure of the HRE guide was debated and approved by the participants. Instruments and tools for promoting human rights according to the target audience were developed, among the tasks for the next day being their final form.


An interactive part of Saturday was the meeting with local youth activists, when ideas about activism in different countries were exchanged. The participants discovered more details about how are structured the meetings, how the teenagers are getting involved and what are their opinions. On the other side, the local activists found more about Amnesty’s activity in other countries. The day ended with content development, based on previous experiences of the multipliers and their reflection.

On Sunday, participants took part of an exercise that could be used to change attitudes and to create a more powerful impact, its analysis proving this. Another session was dedicated to content development continuation. The Youth Multipliers Team came up with innovative workshop ideas and plans, and contributed to the guide’s draft. Also, the activity had a session for setting up the timescale and choicing the group tasks that will be completed in the near future, when we will have Skype sessions, group online discussions and cooperation for resources’ development.


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