Our work continues; reflections three days later

This team of ours, a team filled with youth multipliers from all around the world started to work together only a few weeks ago. Coming to Oslo this last weekend was a great fortune where the team had a chance to get to know each other and develop a plan for how we will proceed the work of developing a HRE Guide to Amnesty International’s global campaign Stop Torture.

With a scope of nationalities, we all have different perspectives on things and it has been very interesting to follow the discussions throughout the weekend. Now, three days later, I start to feel that I have melted it all in and also realize what a fantastic project we are part of. We have approximately 1,5 month before the HRE Guide is supposed to be done and published and we have much job to do. Workshops are to be developed and tested. A lot of text will be written and other crucial parts of the guide will be constructed. We will all contribute with our strengths which also compliment each others weaknesses. We know that people count on us and we count on each other to do the very best job we possibly can. The weekend in Oslo was, as already said, a fortune for the team. We got to do some fundamental work in order to proceed the project and I think we all got a great inspiration-boost. Not only in order to continue with this fantastic project, but also to continue to work for the believe that we all share; that human rights are for all and that we together can make a change.

international human rights education center


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