The need to blow up the misconception

What would you do if a terrorist had placed a bomb somewhere, a bomb that would detonate and kill hundreds of innocent people? Would you torture him? A shocking number would say yes.

If 36% of people feel that torture can be justified we need to change the paradigm. The 2014 Amnesty International report shows that educational material is necessary. It is crucial that we spread knowledge and information; we need to change the way we think and feel. Because being unaware is dangerous, since it allows for such an atrocity to continue.

Regardless of our intentions, actions, beliefs or any other factor that defines your behavior or appearance, we are all human. And due to this, we all have the same rights. We are born equal of worth. No one can ever dehumanize you, because it is impossible to change this particular characteristic about anyone. Therefore, regardless of being guilty or not, regardless of your actions, everyone is human and entitled to the same rights. This you can be a hundred per cent sure of.

The fact that we are all human grants us the right not to be tortured. It should never happen, yet, it still does. Governments torture people to extract information, to scare and to oppress. Nevertheless, although widely used, torture does not have the intended consequences. False testimonies are given under pressure. Someone who has been deprived of sleep is not stable enough to know what he is signing. A person who is experiencing pain might say yes to anything to make it stop.

Regardless of the failed consequences of torture and regardless of the fact that torture does not work, we should never allow torture: we need to say no to torture. We need to stand together to make the governments accountable, to make them understand that we do not accept it. We need to show that we do take human rights violations personal, if it happens to us, to our friends or a fellow human being.

I hope, and believe, that the educational guide that the Youth multipliers are developing will be part of the remedy. You, me and everyone else are the solution. We can be the change we want to see. We can educate ourselves and we can educate others. Awareness is key and actions are necessary. Join the Amnesty campaign against torture, stand between the torturer and the tortured. Sign petitions, write letters, become a member, support Amnesty work and join the movement. Together we can stop torture!

You can find more about the campaign and take action here:


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