Education enables empowerment

As an intern for Amnesty I have had the pleasure of working closely with youth activists. It is truly inspiring to be in the same room with dedicated, passionate and rebellious teens. They want to change the world for the better, a vision I share with them. They want human rights to be universally upheld and enjoyed, as they ought to be. Activists are aware of their rights and the rights of other human beings. I believe that education is the key to enable this; awareness creates the possibility to stand up against human rights violations and perpetrators. It creates dissent against torture and states that practise this barbaric and inhumane treatment.

It is argued that freedom of expression and education are two main factors that support change from status quo. The key to success is therefore to empower people to take a stand against unfairness and ill treatment by developing room for discussion and sharing knowledge. When people are given the tools of awareness they are more likely to recognise unfairness, discrimination and violations of their rights.

Thus; we need to educate to eradicate torture!

To be part of a team that is working on educational material that aims to empower youth is truly inspirational. The workshops we are developing aims at enabling youth to channel their passion, to enable them to engage with people and inspire others to take a stand against torture. We need to multiply our actions and members’ through education. A sustained effort of collective claims can catalyse change. Together we can, and we will, stop torture. 


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