Invitation to check our guide and test the proposed workshops

On Monday, we launched an online guide developed to facilitate the engagemnt strategy of the Stop Torture campaign. The beta version of the website is available here – – and it may change during this month. During June, we will provide more content for those interested in sharing our resources and in using them in different parts of the world.


A guide made by young people for young people

As you have seen here, the guide is developed by a group of young activists from different parts of the world. We designed the structure and created the content, with support from International Human Education Rights Center and Stop Torture campaign team. We shared our story in the past weeks through this channel, a collective blog with stories and impressions related to our work.

Five different workshops available for testing

On the website, five workshops were uploaded in the first phase:

  • Introduction to Stop Torture Campaign through HRE;
  • Focus on equlity and universility of rights with Simon Says (with a twist);
  • Using drama to discuss torture with safeguards workshops;
  • The consequences of torture;
  • How to challenge the perception of torture through social media.

These were uploaded on the website and you can find them in the HRE resources area. You can test them and use them in your activity. Also, we invite you to share your resources and ideas through our forum.


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