A tool for us to stand together and make a change. To stop torture.

Wow, we have now been working on this project for two months and we are really starting to get something together for the HRE guide. As Madalin wrote two weeks ago we have published a first website tester (!!!) for the guide at which you all are free to visit, read and try out the workshops and activities that the team has developed. Hopefully as many of our readers as possible are doing this – because we want to do the best work possible and by getting your feedback and comments we can develop the guide further to be a great tool that Amnesty activists and multipliers all around the world feel comfortable using.

Since the publication of the tester our work on contents has continued and more activities have been developed. What these are will be shown in a very near future, and I must say how proud I am to be part of this amazing team. The last time I wrote, I wrote how amazing it had been to meet up in Oslo. How it inspired us all, not only for this specific project, but also to continue working for the believes that we all share. Now we are close to finish the guide and I feel that I have learned so much during this process, about myself as well as of team-work (especially when it is done over the internet!!!). How we communicate with each other, how we all do our best in order to contribute with our skills, knowledge, ideas and thoughts. How we allow each other to give constructive criticism in order for the guide to be a functional tool. Not to forget the different contexts that all team-members are in, which really have helped putting different perspectives on the development of the guide. WOW!

Now some crucial work is to be done and then finally we will publish everything that we have put together. Then the guide will be out there, ready to be used to raise awareness and educate people in order to reach the goal, to STOP TORTURE. One is not enough, but if we stand together, we can make a change.


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