New generation working against torture

I would like to tell you a little bit about my experience during our meeting at Amnesty International Norway. First, it is incredible meeting people from different countries such as: Sweden, Denmark, France, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Marocco, Taiwan, Australia, Norway, Tunisia, Nepal, Czech Republic and Romania because they have a strong engagement and I felt inspired by them.

ai workshop 04

We were creating an excellent team. We were sharing ideas, strategies to understand torture in different situations such as: detention, criminal system, protest, among others. From this step, I could learn different viewpoints and all ideas were great. I could understand much better we all are global citizen and we have similar problems, so, we can join effort sharing a same cause, stopping torture anywhere and anytime.

ai workshop 01

Our mission is to create new educational material on human rights focusing on torture. To reach this goal, we need to recruitment many multiplier activists as us. In the beginning, I thought, how could I convince or persuade other activists? Perhaps, this task seems an impossible activity to do that, however, this is the Amnesty International’s soul…the impossible becomes possible….when our movement around the world is focusing on a case to get freedom, protect women against violence, make some noise to save Darfur or stop children soldiers, we are showing cases to the world, so, we are trying to make the difference because the impossible is just a little while….

ai workshop 02

During this workshop I had the chance to be involved in many activities to be part of this change. I believe in this new generation because we have many tools to take advantage changing the world free of torture.

Written by Oscar Jesse Rojas Ortiz

(Amnesty International Mexico)