Thoughts after a workshop in Romania

On 1 August, in Constanta, Romania, I’ve been facilitator for a group of 35 high school students that were participanting in a summer school on youth participation. In the programme of the summer school, during two hours, they participated in a workshop on Stop Torture campaign. I used the Consequences of Torture Workshop to engage them in a debate on how torture can affect a person both psychologically and physically.

As facilitator and multiplier, I am happy that during the debriefing session, the participants came and asked more questions on the situation of torture at global level and how they can act to prevent it. They were also interested on how Amnesty is fighting against torture and how they can join the movement. Developing empathy with the victims of torture can be really challenging, but the process of human rights education, involving actively both the facilitator and, especially, the participants, can change attitudes.

To sum up, I am very satisfied that after the workshops some of the participants have found the answers of the WHY questions: Why should we act?, Why do we need to prevent?, Why should we stay informed?, Why do we need to help?  I wish that these bright young people will stay informed and will take action every time it will be needed in the future.

I am attaching a photo gallery with pictures from the workshop:


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